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Hygiejnefokus welcomes collaborations with International providers of Knowledge, Technologies, Products or Services to hygiene-aware sectors in Denmark. Our aim is to help improve cleaning quality and working environment (OHS), extending production windows and capacities and to help organisations leveling up their awareness and focus on hygiene.



Hygiejnefokus was founded in 2011 as a blog mainly focused on describing methods for Hygiene Monitoring in the Food Industry. Since 2013 the blog turned into a real company, as there was a growing interest for the blog as well as inquiries for us to make courses etc. Today we are offering a broad array of services within the areas of education, marketing and business development.

How we serve the markets:

We develop our range of services according to the demands we meet. If we do not have the expertise in a certain area, we do most likely know someone that does. Our main services is found in these categories

  • Training, open courses as well as in any size of groups
  • Theme-days with various topics
  • Focusgroups
  • Hygiene- and/or cleaning monitoring
  • Cleaning optimization projects
  • Management sparing / Purchase adviser / Interior adviser
  • Marketing visits
  • Expo and promotional events
  • Online activities
  • … How would you like your products or services to be served?


The markets we serve:

Our activities are widely spread and includes the following industries and sectors, but are not limited to these as we know in fact everyone benefits from better cleaning and optimized hygiene.

  • Cleaning & Service organisations
  • Facility Management
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • HoReCa
  • Agricultural production
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Office Businesses
  • Healthcare Clinics
  • Transportation
  • … Who would you like to serve your products or services to?

Criteria for Collaborations:

We have a few criteria for anything we work with, of which your product or service should meet at least a few, and not contradict any of the remaining.

  • Improvement of Cleaning Quality
  • Innovation in Cleaning and/or Hygiene
  • Improvement of Working environment & Safety (OHS)
  • Sustainable Cleaning
  • We set the table, should your products or services be on the menu?

Hygiejnefokus wants to serve products and services of high quality, which will benefit the users to achieved a better level of cleaning and hygiene. We strive always to create Win-Win-Win collaborations, as the client in the end of the broomstick, should win at least as much as your company as well as ours.

If you believe we can assist you in reaching more clients in the Danish market, please feel free to inquire more information using the form in the sidebar. Please describe your products, services and company philosophy as detailed as you wish and have a wonderful day.

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